Release Notes

Jive for Office enables users to collaborate on documents created in Office and stored in their community. They can also keep up-to-date on comments, ratings, and likings. They'll receive notifications when changes have been made and can decide whether to incorporate or overwrite the changes.

New in This Release

This new version of Jive for Office supports Office/Outlook 2013 and Windows 8 compatibility. It's also been redesigned to make some of the key elements more usable. Specifically, you'll see:
  1. A cleaner Dashboard that shows the key document information front and center.
  2. A more powerful Publish workflow that makes it easy to understand the visibility of documents you're putting out in the community. Jive for Office now includes more of the in-community publishing workflow, such as publishing minor updates and restricting visibility to a subset of authors, right in Office.
  3. Simple, intuitive searching when you look for docs in your community. See all Recent Documents automatically; search for documents in specific Places, the Entire Community, Your Content, or Bookmarks; and sort documents by date within a group.
Jive for Office runs off the Extended APIs plugin that also supports Jive Anywhere, Jive for Outlook, Jive for SharePoint, and Jive for OCS/Lync. Your license will determine which products are activated when you install the plugin.

Before You Upgrade

Before you upgrade from a version earlier than 2.0, please make sure you have removed any earlier versions of Jive for Office. Installing the Extended APIs plugin with the old version of Jive for Office in place can cause problems.

Known Issues in This Version

The Office client download link from document pages doesn't work on non-root Jive instances.