Setting SSO Connection Behavior for Office

By default, the Jive for Office client program detects any SSO configuration and allows the client program to connect to your community accordingly. However, you can override this behavior by using the admin console to create an administrator script and deploying it to client computers.

The Jive for Office client program typically auto-detects your Jive SSO configuration. If you want to specify how clients should connect, you can create an administrator script that modifies the registry. This customization will also affect Jive for Outlook for any users who have it installed. To create a script that sets the SSO connection method on the client:

  1. In the admin console, click System > Settings > Jive for Office > Advanced
  2. Select the Force authentication behavior override check box.
  3. Select Force session-based authentication login to enforce using the Jive SSO implementation. Session-based authentication is more secure, but requires users to provide credentials more frequently. Select Force basic authentication to enforce that clients connect using basic authentication by username and password. This method is more convenient, but less secure.