Content Leaderboard

The Content Leaderboard lists the top 6 pieces of published content with the most views in the last 90 days or date range you select. This report includes the content's title, author, and number of views.

Because views shown in the Content Leaderboard reflect activity over the selected date interval, they typically differ from the number of views shown for content in the Jive web app. Downloading the CSV for the Content Leaderboard report provides a deeper dive into the content leaderboard data.

The following list compares the fields in the on-screen report versus the downloaded CSV report.

Fields Shown in On-Screen Report
Content Title, Current Author Name, and Number of Views.
Fields Shown in CSV Download
Title, Creation Date, Content ID, Content Type, Current Question Status, Number of Views, Number of Likes, Number of Rates and Votes, Number of Responses, Number of Revisions, Current Author Name, Current Author Username, Current Author ID, Current Container Name, Current Container ID, Current Container Type.

To help navigate the CSV, the following Current Question Status definitions might be helpful:

  • Resolved: When a question receives a correct answer. When the answer is marked correct, the question is marked answered.
  • Unresolved: When a question has no replies marked helpful and no correct answer.
  • Helped: When a question has at least one reply that was marked as helpful.