Filtering Reports

While looking at a full report view, you can filter reports by sets of users. Filters provide a way to zero in on data for specific groups of people.

Use more than one filter when you want to see a report for a more specific set of users. For example, you can look at how much content has been created by all users in the UK who are also in the Engineering department.

The "Filter by text" option enables you to narrow users using text found anywhere in the user's profile. You can use this option along with adding a filter, or just on its own.

To add a filter:

  1. Open the full view of a report. If you're in the dashboard view, click a report title to open the full view.
  2. Click Add Filter.
  3. Select the "Filter by" criteria. This uses community-specific profile fields.
  4. Select your filter, which contains data that one or more person used in the selected profile field.
  5. Click Refresh to see the filter work.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to add additional filters.