Getting More Out of Reports

You can get the most out of Community Manager Reports by using the following features that you might not notice at first glance.

Open a full report

Click the report title to open the full report where you can filter by sets of users.

Remove lines from graphs

In the full report for line graphs, click lines in the legends to add or remove them from the graph.

Mouse over for more information

You can mouse over people, group names, and bars or lines in graphs to find out more about the person, group, or data set. Use the mouse over to see the actual counts and not just the percentage for line and bar graphs.

Download the CSV for a report

Click Download CSV in the top right if any report to get the CSV version of the report you are viewing. For example, if you are viewing a report that has been filtered, you'll download that filtered version.

Include subspaces in your reports

For Spaces, you can include subspaces in reports by selecting Include subspace in the left menu of the dashboard view. Subspaces are not included by default.

Take a quick view of reports

Charts are cached so when you reload the same chart after loading it the first time, you'll see it faster. The global reports dashboard is cached nightly. Selecting a new date range or filter means that you are requesting a chart that has not been cached, so it can be slower.