Configuring News FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about configuring the News page and News streams.

Who can create and modify the News page and News streams?
People with Manage News Streams permissions have the rights to modify the News page and create, modify, or delete News streams, including those set up by other people with Manage News Streams permissions. People with Manage Community permissions already have these rights.

Community managers can give someone Manage News Streams permissions, by going to People > Permissions > System Administration and creating a user override to assign the user Manage News Streams permissions.

Can I add a secret place to a News stream?
Yes, if you are an owner or member of the secret place. Be aware when adding a secret place to a News stream that other users with Manage News Streams or Manage Community permissions will be able to see this stream greyed-out when configuring News. They will not be able to modify or delete a News stream that has a secret place to which they are not an owner or member.
Is there a limit to the number of News streams the community can have?
There can be up to 10 News streams configured in your community. (This does not include each user's ability to create up to 10 custom streams of their own; so in theory, a user could see 10 News streams and 10 of their own custom streams listed in the left sidebar).
How many rules can I have per news stream?
You can have 100 rules in a news stream. Within each rule, audiences and places are essentially unlimited.
Can I change the name of the News button on the navigation bar?
Yes. Just use the Single custom links feature in the theming interface. To learn more, be sure to read Main Navigation Options Reference.