What Are News Streams?

News streams are configured for you by your community manager and are designed to bring you the latest news from your organization, department, team, or product.

News streams are listed above the Connections stream. Because they are designed just for you, you may not see the same News streams or the same content in them that others see.

For example, everyone in your community may see the "CEO's Blog" stream that shows the latest blog posts from your organization's CEO. However, only people in the Marketing department may have a stream called "Marketing News" that shows activity from the Marketing space.

In addition, you might have a news stream based on your role in the community. For example, let's say everyone has a stream called "What’s New," but what is displayed there will be different depending on your role. So Customers might see content pulled from the Special Promotions blog in their What's New stream, but vendors might see content pulled from the New Solutions group.

To learn more about streams and how they work, be sure to read What Are Streams?