Groups with Box Storage

If your administrator has connected your community with a file store, you can take advantage of file storage and synchronization with Box for groups where this is enabled.

When a user uploads a document, it's stored in Box instead of the regularly configured binary storage location. (Attachments are not stored in Box.) Files are automatically synchronized in both directions, and so are comments and replies, so users can interact from either the Jive side or the Box side.

To take full advantage of the linkage, users should join the Box-linked group. This allows users to interact with Box-linked content under their own user accounts and synchronize comments correctly to the Box side. Otherwise, their interactions will be posted by a system user called the Jive Integration User, and their comments will not be visible on the Box side.
Note: For Box users: although you can connect an Open group to a Box folder, only community members who have joined the group will be able to see Box documents and have their comments reflected on the Box side. Because of this limitation, it's recommended to use the Box external storage only with Members Only, Private, or Secret Groups.

Modifying Files in Box

Files can be modified on the Box side by any user who has a Jive account and rights to the group-linked folder in Box. In addition, file comments made in Box will be synchronized and displayed in the Jive group.
Note: There is a known limitation for files that have been deleted from Box and then restored on the Box side. Restored files will not be synchronized to Jive when they're restored. However, uploading a new version of the file to the Box side will re-add the restored version as well as adding the new version, resulting in two added files. Re-adding the file from the Jive side will initially return a generic error, but the second upload attempt will succeed.