Creating External Groups

When creating a group, you can select Enable external access to turn a community group into a place where standard users can invite external contributors to extend their communication and collaboration to the outside world.

To create a group with external access:

  1. Click Pencil icon > Group.
  2. On the Create group page, enter the group name and details.
  3. Select Enable external access to allow external contributors to be invited to and join the group. Externally Accessible groups require that you select secret or private for the group type.
  4. Specify a secret or private group. External groups are limited to secret or private groups to help protect
  5. Select Box Storage Provider to store uploaded files in Box.
  6. Click Advanced for more options, such as group features.
  7. Select which features you want the group to have. People will be able to create the kinds of things you select.
  8. Click Apply.