Designing Place Overview Pages

You can define the content and layout of place Overview pages for which you have administrator rights.

Places (social groups, projects, and spaces) become more inviting when you customize their overview pages to display the items members care about most. Depending on your overview page customization rights, you can easily get these pages to look the way you want by using widgets that help you choose and arrange content. Each widget displays content of a particular kind — for example, HTML, recent content, or feed subscription results — in a box that you can drag into position on a page. After you publish the page, you can always come back and update its content or design. A complete reference to available widgets can be found here. The steps for customizing overview pages are here.

This topic offers a few key guidelines for designing pages with widgets. A good starting point for thinking further about designing Overview pages is this blog post in the Jive Community: Extreme Makeover: Widget Edition.

Overview Page Best Practices