Email or Stream Notifications?

Here are some real-world examples that explain why you might want to turn email notifications on for some of your streams, but off for others.

Email or No Email?

Part of the power of your community is the ability to "live" in it for most of your working hours and, as a result, reduce your email. In Jive, you can customize your notifications so that you receive an email, or not, when a person, place, or item posts an update in one of your streams. If your community is busy, you may find that you rapidly accumulate hundreds of email messages from any streams that have email notifications set to On.

Here are some good email notification strategies:
  • Turn off all email notifications and live in your Jive community 100%. You will never get an email when your followed people, places, or items post updates in the community.
  • Create an Email Watches stream and set email notifications to On for only that stream. Then, only follow critical items in your Email Watches stream. This stream can be helpful when you're away from the community for a few days or if you want to watch something that you haven't directly participated in (if you had, you'd see those updates in your Inbox).
Be aware that if you set email notifications to On for Inbox (everything in my Inbox page), you will receive an email each time someone posts an update to an item in which you were previously @mentioned or that you participated in. This can get overwhelming quickly; we recommend setting email notifications to Off for Inbox (everything in my Inbox page).
Note: The email notifications for news streams (those listed above Connections) are set by the community manager or person who created the stream. You cannot change the email notification setting on these streams.

Community Digest

You can set your Preferences by going to the top right and selecting your avatar > Preferences and then choose a Community Digest option so you'll receive an email with a summary of community news. The links in the digest open the content right in the community. If you're already getting a digest, you can cancel it or change its frequency here.

The digest includes:
  • Your status. If you've entered a status message, it'll be here.
  • A list of activity around your content. If you've created or commented on content, for example, it'll be listed here. This list will also include notes about content of yours that was viewed or commented on by others.
  • A list of activity by people connected to you.
  • A list of popular content in the community.