Getting More Out of Discussions and Questions

Use discussions to ask questions or introduce new ideas to the community.

Discussions are a quick way to get an answer to a question or feedback on an idea. You can attach a file or insert an image, video, or code example into a discussion to better explain your question or idea.

To start a new discussion, click Pencil icon > Discussion. Make sure to check the Mark this discussion as a question box (it may already be checked depending on the defaults set up by your community administrator). If you don't initially mark the discussion as a question, you'll have 15 minutes to change your mind after you post (the default is 15 minutes; your community administrator may change that setting). Within that time, you'll see a link to change your mind in the discussion post.

If you want to transform a discussion into a document, you can save it as a document. For more information, see How do I convert a discussion thread to a document?

Discussions Best Practices

Choosing Where to Publish a Discussion

When you're ready to post the discussion, you'll need to decide how and where to make it visible. Carefully choosing a space or social group will make the discussion more visible to people who follow the place where you publish it. For example, publishing a question about technical support in the IT group can ensure the question is displayed in a stream for users who follow or belong to that group. Your discussion will also inherit the permissions of the place where you publish it. Therefore, keep in mind that publishing in a members-only group limits participation to people who are members of the group. If you want community users to be able to search for and stumble across your discussion, don't publish it in a private group. On the other hand, if you need a discussion to be confidential, a private group could be exactly the right place. You can also choose to publish your discussion only to specific people.