Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when using the content editor in Jive.
Note: Formatting characteristics are not retained when you copy and paste content from Microsoft Office applications into Jive.
Table 1. Content Editing Shortcuts
Key Combo Action
Ctrl-c Copy
Ctrl-x Cut
Ctrl-v Paste
Ctrl-z Undo
Ctrl-y or Ctrl-Shift-z Redo
Ctrl-b Bold
Ctrl-i Italic
Ctrl-u Underline
Ctrl-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, or -6 Heading levels 1-6
Ctrl-7 Format as paragraph
Tab Indent 5 spaces or indent a list item 1 level
Shift-Tab Outdent 5 spaces or outdent a list item 1 level
Esc Move the focus to the first visible submit button
Ctrl-s Publishes your content.
In previous versions, this key combination saved a draft, rather than publishing, for blog posts only. This is no longer the case.