How Do I Customize My Group's Home Page?

If you're a group owner or administrator, you can use either a tile-based Activity page or a widget-based Overview page to lay out an effective landing page that includes the information and images you want people to see when they visit the group.

If you are a group owner or administrator, you can choose a tile-based or widget-based layout for your group. See Tile Pages Versus Widget Pages for more information about which one is right for your group. You can then customize the tiles or widgets with your group's information and any images you want to feature. The layouts are fairly intuitive, but see Designing Activity Pages for Places and Designing Place Overview Pages for much more detail about these kinds of pages and how to use them effectively.

If you don't need a highly specialized experience for your group's overview, the default choice is an Activity page with the General > Team Collaboration Place Template selected.

To change the way your group looks after it's been created:

  1. To customize the banner and the inset image in the header, click Manage > Settings from the main page of the group you want to customize. Then click Banner Design or Place Image to select new visuals for the header. You can only do this for groups you own.
  2. If you're customizing a tile-based Activity page, you can configure any of the tiles in your current place template from here by clicking the gear icon at the top right of any configurable tile. (Tiles without an active gear icon are automatically populated, so there are no configuration options available for those tiles.) To configure a tile, click the gear icon, make your changes, and then click Apply. You can also move tiles around, add them by clicking Add a tile, or remove them from your template.
  3. Optionally, you can select a new Place Template from the Browse Templates menu at the top of the page. Keep in mind that if the page has already been customized, changing the Place Template will remove any configuration in the existing tiles, and could change the group type.
  4. When your Activity page is the way you want it, click Save at the bottom of the page.
  5. If you want to customize an Overview page with widgets, you can change your layout and design by clicking Manage > Overview Page from the main group page. Then select a layout and drag and drop the widgets you want onto it.