Marking Options for Comments and Replies

You can mark a comment or reply Helpful, Correct, Decision, Success, for Action, or Resolved. You may see all or only some of these marking options, depending on how your community manager has configured this feature.

Note: The Marking feature is different from Tasks, which are a formal way to assign work tasks to people.

When you mark a comment or reply, a badge appears that displays its state (Helpful, Decision, and so on). These badges are visual indicators only; they do not prevent anyone from further commenting or marking any comments or replies as a Decision, Helpful, Resolved, Success, or for Action.

To see who marked the comment or reply and when, click its badge.

Mark for Action
Choose Mark for Action to assign an action to yourself, and, optionally, bring in others. When you bring in others to help, note that doing so doesn't assign the Action item to them; it sends a notification to their Inbox about the action item. From there, they can Take Ownership of the action item.)

The Action Item badge on the comment/reply lets readers know that the item has been assigned to someone. Other users may Mark for Action other comments or replies as well.

Choose Resolve on an Action (whether you own it or not) when you have completed the action. This lets others know that you've taken care of the issue.
Mark as Decision
Choose Mark as Decision to let others know that this comment or reply is the Decision, or one of the Decisions. Other users may mark other comments or replies as the Decision as well.
Mark as Success
Choose Mark as Success to let others know that this was a collaboration success story for your community.
Click Helpful to let others know that this comment or reply contains helpful information.
Correct Answer
Only system administrators, place owners, and discussion authors can see the Correct Answer mark option and only on discussions that have the "Mark this discussion as a question" check box selected. There can be only one Correct Answer. In addition, your community manager may disable this feature altogether.