Reserving Files and Documents

Marking an uploaded file or a document as Reserved indicates that someone is currently editing it, so other users won't edit it until the Reserved badge is removed. It does not actually lock the file or document.

The Reserved badge provides important information about file status for anyone who can't use Jive for Office to edit and merge uploaded files, for example Mac users. It can also be used to warn users off a published Jive native document that's not ready to be edited by other people yet. (Note that if you want to hide an in-progress Jive document before publishing it, you can just save it as a draft and share it with anyone you want to.)

When an author or editor marks a file Reserved, anyone can see who reserved the file and contact the person if they're unsure whether it's OK to proceed with editing. Anyone with the rights to edit a file or document also has rights to mark it as Reserved. When someone reserves a file, the author and anyone who has already edited the document will receive an Inbox notification. You can filter content to find reserved documents, too.

This feature has a slightly different meaning for uploaded files and Jive documents: