Sharing Content with Other Places

In the same way you can share content with people, you can share it with one or more places. This feature may not be turned on if you're using an externally-facing community (typically those serving customers, partners, and vendors).

To make life easier for people who tend to focus on certain groups, spaces, or projects, you can share your content with their place even if you originally post it in your team's place. When you share content with another place, it will show up in that place's activity stream. Anyone following the place where the content is shared will receive a notification in the stream.

This is a great option for the Documentation team, who might be posting a discussion in their own Documentation group for feedback, but they also want to get the subject matter experts to review the content, so they go ahead and share the discussion with the Feature Team's group so that team sees it along with specification documents and feature wireframes.

To share content with multiple places:

  1. Go to the piece of content you want to share, such as document, blog post, status update, discussion, and more.
  2. Click Share in the right sidebar.
  3. Enter the name of the place you want to share the item with, or use the place picker to navigate to and select the place.
    Note: People who don't have access to the original content will not have access to the shared one either. For example, if you post a Contact List document in the Human Resources group, and there are some Engineering managers who have access to the Human Resources group, but they spend most of their time in their Engineering group, you could share the document with the Engineering group, which is open, and know that only the managers can search for and view the Contacts List document.
  4. Add more places if you'd like.
  5. Type a little note about the share in the Message box, or do nothing, which uses the default text provided.
  6. Click Share.
You'll see a green bar at the bottom of the screen letting you know the Share was successful. At the top, you'll see the places it has been shared with so you can keep track. Click the x other places link to see which other places the item has been shared with.