Using Skills and Expertise

Use the Skills and Expertise card to feature skills on your profile. Endorse others' skills by going to their profile.

Skills and endorsements not only provide more information about others in your community, they tag people with those skills, so when you search the community for users, you can filter by skills.

  1. Add skills to your own profile, or endorse someone else's skills:
    • To add your own skills, first go to your profile by clicking your avatar in the top right and selecting View Profile. Add your skills by clicking New skill in your Skills and Expertise card.
    • To endorse skills for a community user, go to their profile and click New endorsement.
  2. Select a popular tag, or create a new one—just type a word or phrase and press Enter to turn it into a tag. Community users need to accept new endorsements via an Inbox notification before they show up in their profile. You'll see new skill alerts in your activity once community users approve endorsements. To back up an existing endorsement, just click the plus sign next to the skill listed in their Skills and Expertise card.