Update Your Status

Tell others what you're doing right now by typing a brief update in the What's going on? box at the top of any stream on the News page. You can include an @mention, image, link, or YouTube link in your post.

Status updates are a quick, informal way to let people know you're active and engaged in the community, for example, "Loved the company pizza at lunch today. Thanks @HR team!" or "Slogging through the #TPS #report. Ugh!" You can post a status update for the entire community (default) or limit it to a specific group. For more about status updates, be sure to read Status Update Tips & Tricks.

Add an Image, Link, or YouTube Link to Your Status Update

You can insert an image, link, or YouTube video link to your status update. This is a good way to share information with people in your community.

To insert an image into your update, click the upload image icon, browse to and select the image you want to insert, and then click Post to include it in your update. To insert a link, or a video that others can click to open or play without leaving the community, click the link icon, type the entire link in the URL field, including "http://", and then click Add . For sites that include images, you'll see an optional thumbnail image that will post alongside your link: use the arrow keys to select a different thumbnail, or click the x at the top right corner of the image to post your link with no image. When it looks the way you want it, click Post. (You can also type the URL directly in the post box, then type a space and wait for the thumbnail to populate.)

Add an @mention to Your Status Update

You can use an @mention in your status update to call out specific people, content, and places. This can be helpful if you want to point someone to a specific item or make sure someone gets your update in their Inbox. When you @mention a person in your status update, the update will appear in that person's Inbox.

Filter for Status Updates

If you want to see a specific person's status updates, go to their profile page and click Activity > Status Updates.