Updating Places That Have an Overview Page

Places created in an earlier version have an old-style Overview page, not a dynamic Activity page. You can easily change them to use an Activity page.

Existing places will keep their old-style Overview pages after an upgrade, but will also be assigned the General > Team Collaboration Place Template by default. However, you'll see this template only if you have set the Activity page to be displayed. If you want to keep the old Overview page and not display the Activity page, do nothing. If you want to create a new Place Template-driven Activity page, which leverages data streams and uses more performant data tiles, you can configure the Team Collaboration template to include the data you want to show, or choose a different one. See the instructions in this topic for showing and hiding the Overview and Activity Pages the way you prefer them. You can choose to show only one or both of these pages, but only one can be the default landing page (the place where visitors to the place land by default when they navigate to the place). For more about Place Templates, see Using Place Templates.

To set the visibility of the Activity Page as well as the old-style widgetized Overview Page for an existing place:

Note: If you use the checkpoint and status functionality for tracking project tasks, you may want to stick with the old-style Overview page rather than updating to the Place Template format. The widgets in the Overview page more effectively support Projects at this time.
  1. Navigate to the place you own and click Manage > Settings to enter the edit view of the place.
  2. Click the group name to open the Edit Group dialog.
  3. Click Advanced options at the bottom.
  4. Under Enable, click Overview Page, Activity Page, or Both. Selecting Both lets you show the Overview page alongside the Activity page. If you selected either Activity Page or Overview Page, that page will be the default home page, or the first page users see when they navigate to the place.
  5. If you selected Both, you'll see an option to set the default landing page under Set landing page.
  6. Click OK when you're finished. These changes won't take affect until you Save the changes you've made to the place.