Uploading Static Resources to a Widget

You can use the Formatted Text and HTML widgets to upload file resources into Jive, so you can link to them directly using a URL.

You can upload any kind of static file from a menu inside the Formatted Text and HTML widgets. You can also see the available uploaded resources and copy their URLs so you can use them in your widget code. You can upload up to 10 files per place.

Warning: Keep in mind that resources you upload this way are posted on the Internet and can be viewed by anyone with access to the network. By design, they don't inherit the authentication requirements of your site or the permissions to the place where you upload them.

To upload a static resource:

  1. Go to any Overview page you have the rights to edit.
  2. Click Manage > Overview Page
  3. Under Layout, click Widgets > Other > HTML or Widgets > Other > Formatted Text.
  4. Click Manage Files.
  5. Click Upload a File. Keep in mind that only image files are supported in for upload in groups and projects.
    Your file will be added to the Your uploaded files list.
  6. To copy the URL so you can use it to refer to the file in this or another widget, click Copy to Clipboard.
  7. If you want to delete the file later, you can return to the Manage Files dialog and click the x next to a file name. Make sure you're not using the file in any widgets, because links and references to a deleted file will be broken.