What Else Can I Do Here?

Jive is a place where you can build your network, come together as a team, share files, collaborate on documents, and get answers fast.

The first thing you should do is jump in and start asking, or answering, questions! The group you belong to looks forward to hearing your ideas, and they need your expertise to get work done. Think of the group as a 24-hour hotline where you can communicate your concerns and give your opinion. Just start writing documents and get input from all the experts without taking notes or sifting through long email chains.

Open your Inbox

Your Inbox shows the activity that's most you-centric—the information that's sent directly to you and has your name on it. This automatically includes @mentions, replies to discussions you're participating in, content people share with you, your latest acclaim, new follower notifications, and direct messages.

Use the following tips and tricks to get the most out of the Inbox:
  • You can follow content items in your Inbox even if you haven't yet or don't want to participate directly. From any of your streams, just click the content item, and then select Follow > Inbox > Done. All updates and replies to that item will now flow into your Inbox.
  • Use the Filter drop-down menu in Inbox to sort the view to @mentions, messages, notifications, or shares. You can even use Filter by Participant to see only items including a certain person.
  • Manage your unread communications and follow-ups using the blue dot toggle next to messages you haven't read yet and clicking Unread Only to see only the messages marked with the blue dot.
  • When you click the Split View icon in the top right of the Inbox stream and then select a message, you'll see the content of the message in the lower pane and the list of messages in the upper pane.
  • Get rid of activity on any item that no longer interests you by clicking Hide new activity in the lower pane of the split-pane view. The current activity stays in your Inbox, but you'll see no more update alerts for that item. (Click Start following in Inbox to restore Inbox notifications for that item).

Discover documents and discussions, and then comment and collaborate

Exchange ideas when you participate in discussions and documents:

Use an Attention stream

You'll see an update in the stream when someone creates a document, replies to a blog post, posts a status update, and so on.

Here are some examples of activities that trigger new stream items for people, places, and content that you're following in a stream:
  • Content: someone modifies the content item (for example edits, comments on, or replies to it).
  • People: someone posts a status update, creates a content item, or comments on a content item.
  • Places: someone updates content in the place (for example publishes a new document, edits a blog post, shares content with a place, or comments on a document that lives in the place).
  • Tags: someone creates or modifies an item with a tag you're following in the stream, or adds the tag to a content item.