Sync Settings for Google Docs

If you are a place owner, you can use the sync settings to decide whether Google documents as well as comments on either the Google or Jive side should be synchronized between Jive and Google Drive.

When you set your Jive place up to integrate with Google Docs, you choose your sync settings. When the place is set up to sync documents and comments, you'll see new documents, edits, and comments show up in the Jive place and Google group/folder activity streams. These settings can be changed at any time.

To change your sync settings:

  1. Make sure you have administrator rights for the place and it's set up to use Jive for Google Docs.
  2. From the place, click Manage > Settings.
  3. In the Group Features and Activity area, click Configure under the Google Drive external file storage.
  4. Select a different option in the Sync Google Docs section.
    Option Description
    Don't Sync Google Docs This less common option enables syncing of binary files, but not Google Docs. You can still create Google Docs from Jive, but you will only see them in Google Drive.
    Sync Google Docs but Don't Sync Comments This default option ensures that all files and Google Docs are synced between Google Drive and Jive, but does not sync comments made in Jive or in Google Docs.
    Sync Google Docs and Comments This option provides Bi-directional sync of all activity. You can upload binary files or add Google Docs in Google Drive (or Jive) and sync them back to Jive (or Google Drive). You can also sync Jive comments on a Google Doc with document-level comments on the same doc in Google Drive & Docs.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Save again.