App Security FAQ

Learn how to make your device more secure.

How can I make my device more secure?
If you want an extra layer of security, Jive Software recommends enabling a passcode lock on your device. When you enable a passcode, the device will automatically encrypt everything you store on it, including documents and other items you download from your community. To learn more about how this works, read Apple's description here.

To set up a passcode on your device, see Apple's instructions here.

Does the Jive App store my user credentials?
It depends on how your community administrator has set up user authentication in your community. Ask your administrator how your community authenticates users. Here are the options:
  • SSO -- If your community uses a web-based SSO system, the Jive for iOS App uses the same behavior set up in the SSO system. In this case, the app may or may not store your credentials, depending on whether the SSO system is configured to store user credentials.
  • No SSO -- If your community does not use a web-based SSO system, the Jive for iOS App stores your user credentials in the device's iOS keychain using basic authentication.