Connecting an Existing Jive Place to a SharePoint Site

If your admin has enabled this functionality, edit a space or group and connect it to a new or existing SharePoint site. Use the SharePoint site as storage only or storage plus Jive functionality.

To connect your existing place to a SharePoint site:

  1. Select Manage > Connect this place to a SharePoint site from the group or space.
  2. Select the SharePoint Integration type:
    For more on these choices, see SharePoint Integration Types
  3. For New Site - With Jive Functionality and Existing SharePoint sites, you can add remote document activity to your stream by selecting Remote Documents and choosing how you want the activity to show up in the stream. For more on these stream setting options, see Remote Document Options.
    • Hide in Activity
    • Show limited info in Activity
    • Show in Activity
  4. Click Save.