Jive Web Parts

If your admin has enabled this functionality, you can use SharePoint to interact with Jive documents and discussions.

When you connect your Jive place to a new SharePoint group, the following web parts become available to you:

Jive Search Web Part
In Cloud and Jive 7.0.1 (and higher), this web part can be added to any Search Center, Site Collection or Site that is connected to Jive. This web part enables you to search for documents that have been uploaded to Jive in SharePoint as long as you have permission to see them.
Jive Actions Web Part
Opens Jive in a new tab to create a poll, write a blog post, write a document, upload a file, start a discussion, or just go directory to the group.
Recent Activity Web Part
Mirrors the group's Recent Activity widget. It shows the latest documents and discussions, along with the latest comments and replies.
People Web Part
Shows identification cards for group members and followers. You can use this web part to get basic user information, including email, status and date joined.
Content Web Part
Shows all content, or just the content type you want to filter by. You can also sort by creation date or latest activity. Clicking the content link opens it for viewing, replying or commenting in SharePoint. You need to edit the Jive content in Jive.

If you connect to an Existing existing SharePoint site, you may want to add the available Jive web parts to your site. For information about adding web parts to your SharePoint site, see Microsoft SharePoint help.