Remote Document Options

When you connect a Jive place to SharePoint, you need to select how activity for remote (SharePoint) documents should appear in your activity stream.

If your admin has enabled this functionality, then when you create a Jive place, you can select whether remote document actions should be hidden from your activity stream, shown with limited information, or shown with all available information.
Note: The only activity we track is document uploads and updates.
Hide in Activity
Hides all remote document activity from the activity stream. Even if you're following the Jive place, you never see when remote documents are modified or created.
Show limited Info in Activity
Shows some remote document activity in the activity stream, but doesn't use the title of the document. Instead of the document title, you see a generic "Remote Document" title and what action was performed to the document.
Show in Activity
Shows all remote document activity in the activity stream, and includes the title of the remote document.