SharePoint Integration Types

Jive can leverage SharePoint for storage only or for storage plus Jive interactions. If enabled by your admin, when you create a Jive place, you can select how it should correspond to a SharePoint site and whether to create a new site or use an existing one.

When you connect a Jive place to SharePoint, you need to choose the relationship between a Jive place and its corresponding SharePoint site. Jive recognizes SharePoint as either somewhere to store attachments and uploaded files (storage only) or somewhere to store attachments and uploaded files plus share certain Jive social information (Storage plus Jive).

This option does not link the Jive place with a SharePoint site. You might need to select this when the default setting links new places to SharePoint sites.
New Site - Storage Only
This storage only option creates a new site in SharePoint that is used as a storage provider for Jive. In the Jive Storage Only groups you never see remote docs, remote doc's tab, or the Go to SP site link. The Jive admin will see the Go to SP site link. From the SharePoint site, you cannot see that Jive links to it.
New Site - Storage + Jive Functionality
This storage plus Jive option creates a new site in SharePoint and use a special template in SharePoint to display Jive interactions with content, such as likes, replies, and comments. This template can be changed by the SharePoint admin. The Jive place permissions are mapped and synced to the SharePoint site.
Existing Site
This storage plus Jive option links a Jive place to an existing site in SharePoint. The SharePoint site will continue to use its existing template, but the Web Parts will become available in that SharePoint site.

Finding Your SharePoint Docs in Jive

Documents uploaded directly to SharePoint, without using Jive or a Jive web part, can be found by clicking the Remote Docs link in the header for the Jive Place. If you set up SharePoint search, you can find these documents by clicking See all content results in the Spotlight search, and then clicking your SharePoint site under Bridged Communities. Documents uploaded directly to SharePoint can not be found by browsing Jive content.
Note: When uploading documents to SharePoint, if you see a Content Type option, make sure you select Document.

Documents uploaded to SharePoint using Jive or a Jive web part can be found using Spotlight search, or by browsing Jive content.