Using an Existing SharePoint Site

When you connect a Jive place to an existing SharePoint site, make sure you know the SharePoint URL.

When you link a new place or existing place to a SharePoint site, select Existing Site and add the SharePoint site's URL. For example:


When you connect to an existing SharePoint site, the existing SharePoint permissions are left in tact. Only a Site Admin can add Jive web parts, which give the site Jive functionality. If you don't add Jive web parts, then you are using the site as storage only. The available Jive web parts are: Jive Content, Jive People, Jive Recent Activity, Jive Search and Jive Actions. For more on these web parts, see Jive Web Parts. For information about adding web parts to your SharePoint site, see Microsoft SharePoint help.

When you link your Jive Place to an existing SharePoint site, user permissions are not synchronized. When a user opens a SharePoint site, they may have different permissions than in Jive. Their Jive permissions do not carry over.

Note: A SharePoint site can only be linked to one Jive Place.