Where's My Stuff?

Jive for SharePoint stores attachments and uploaded files in SharePoint. Metadata, such as likes, replies, and comments, is stored in Jive, as well as Jive documents and previews.

When you create a place, you can choose how you want it to use SharePoint: Storage Only or Storage Plus Jive.

For security and data integrity, when you upload documents directly into Jive, they are stored in hidden libraries on the SharePoint site. The binaries aren't directly available to a regular SharePoint user. This means, if you have SharePoint Site permission but not Jive permissions, you will not be able to access any Jive documents. It also means Jive for SharePoint can't capture any changes made from SharePoint to these docs so they are only available via the Recent Activity or Jive Content web parts. You can always access these documents via the web parts, and download them directly from there.

Here's what's stored in SharePoint when you have a linked space or group: Here's what's stored in Jive's shared storage repository: