Uploading, Recording, and Embedding Videos

You can upload, embed, or record a video using the webcam on your computer.

Before you upload a video, you might want to take a look at best practices for uploading videos to your community.

To add a video:

  1. Click Pencil icon and then select Video.
  2. Add a title for your video.
  3. In the shaded video box, select Upload, Embed, or Record. (You can also do any of these right from the content editor by clicking the video icon in the formatting bar.)
    • Upload: this allows you to upload a video from your computer.
    • Record: this allows you to record a video using the webcam on your computer.
    • Embed: this allows you to embed a video from another site. Just copy and paste the video's URL or embed code into the input field in Jive and then click Import.
      Note: Video URLs from providers listed on embed.ly's provider page are automatically uploaded. For other video sites, you can embed a video using its embed code, which typically includes an <iFrame> or <Object> tag. Most video websites support the iFrame/Object tag standard, but there are some that do not or that have their own embedding method; these videos will not import.
  4. Add a description for your video.
  5. Select a place to publish to video and add any relevant tags to make the video easier for others to find later.
  6. Click Publish to complete the upload in the selected place.

Note that it might take a little time for the video to be completely uploaded to the community. Until that's done, no one will be able to watch it.