Adding Fonts to Support Office Document Preview

Install your licensed True Types fonts on the document conversion server to enable accurate previews of uploaded Microsoft Office documents.

Note: If you need to use languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic in an on-premise installation, you need to install the proper licensed fonts to enable proper text display in document preview mode. Licensing limitations prevent Jive from distributing these fonts with the installation package. (If your Jive community is hosted by Jive, this custom font feature is not supported, but Jive will install language-specific fonts for supported languages.)
  1. Locate the font package(s) you want to install.
  2. Connect to the document conversion server as root.
  3. Using the operating system's package manager, install the fonts on the document conversion server.
  4. The font(s) should now have been added to fontconfig on your system. You can verify that a particular font is installed and ready to be used by the document conversion service by typing fc-list and making sure the font is listed.
  5. As root, restart the document conversion service (/etc/init.d/jive-docconverter restart).