Enabling the Antivirus Feature

The antivirus feature helps make your community more secure.

With the antivirus feature enabled, when a user tries to upload an external file to the community (for example, a Microsoft Word document, an Adobe PDF, and so on), the file will be scanned for a virus before being posted. If a virus is found, the file will not be posted in the community.

The antivirus feature is powered by ClamAV. Jive polls the ClamAV database every thirty minutes for virus updates.

Cloud customers will need to contact Jive Support to enable the antivirus feature. In addition, you'll need to create an "Antivirus Management" group (People > Management > Create User Group) and add users to it who will receive an Inbox notification whenever the antivirus feature finds malware. The user who attempted to upload a virus will be listed in the notification.

On-prem customers can enable the antivirus feature themselves as follows:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > Antivirus and select Enable.
  2. Click Save, and then refresh the browser page. This will populate the URL field from Tenancy Services.
  3. For Notify Author, select Yes if you want the application to send the author an Inbox and email notification when a file is rejected. You can also designate an administrative group of users to receive a notification.
  4. Set the timeout in milliseconds for the antivirus scanner to complete a scan. The default is 300,000 milliseconds.
  5. Click Save.