Areas of Expertise Needed to Administer Jive

Lists the experts you need to manage systems and the professional expertise they require.

You need to round up the following experts in your company to get Jive up and running:

Community Administrator
Makes decisions for the community and set it up using the User Interface. The Community Admin needs to manage the community and set up permissions for places. For more information, see Administering the Community.
Database Administrator
Responsible for the administration of the database back-end to the Jive platform. DBAs must configure, implement, provision and monitor databases supporting the Jive environment, which supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server. The DBA or DBA Team will be responsible for database sizing, resource allocation, backups, high-availability and security of the database engine(s). For more information, look at our list of Supported Databases.
Directory Server Administrator
If you plan to provision Jive users from a directory server such as LDAP or Active Directory, you'll need in-house or consulting expertise in operating and maintaining enterprise-level directories.
Linux System Administrator
The Linux sysadmin should know how to navigate a Linux environment to set up and maintain Jive. Linux sysadmins will perform upgrades, provision, install/configure, operate, and maintain the Jive system hardware, software and related infrastructure. For more information, see Administering the Platform.
Storage Administrator
The storage admin will provision shared NAS/SAN storage for your Jive installation. For more information, see Shared Storage in Required External Components.