Client-Side Resource Caching

The platform HTTPD server is pre-configured for optimal caching of static production content. Default configuration values for content caching can be found on a Jive-managed server at /usr/local/jive/etc/httpd/conf.d/cache.conf. You can edit this file to change default cache time or headers for specific scenarios (changing length of time static images are cached, for example). Changes to this file will be preserved across upgrades to a file named “cache.conf.rpmnew”. If this file is changed, be sure to check for new enhancements when upgrading.

Note: Certain resources in plugins and themes are cached for 28 days by default. These include the following file types: .js, .css, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, and .png. This means that clients won't see updated versions of those files until their cache expires or is cleared. Of course, changing the resource's file name will also cause it to be downloaded because it isn't yet cached.