Configuring Blogs System-Wide

You can make changes to blog configuration that impact blogs everywhere in the community. These system-wide settings are common to other blogging software.

Fastpath: Admin Console > Blogs > Settings > Blog Settings

Be sure to see Managing Blogs for an overview of blog configuration.

Setting Description
Blogs Enable or disable blogs. Disabling blogs will remove blog-related elements in the user interface. People will no longer be able to create or view blogs and their posts.

Even if you have Enabled blogs here, you will still need to set the permissions for users to create blogs on Permissions > Blog Permissions. Be sure to read Setting Global Blogs Permissions.

Comments Enable or disable blog post comments. Disabling comments will cause comments not to be visible to community users. It will also remove the ability to add comments to blogs.
Ping Updates Enable or disable ping updates.
Ping Service URI Override Enable or disable ability for users to customize the list of ping service URIs. When this is enabled, the blog management page for a blog provides a way for a blog's author or administrator to specify ping service URIs.
Default Ping Service URIs The default list of ping service URIs. These are the URIs that will be pinged by default. If you enable URI override, the a blog's management page will still provide the option to use the defaults.
Akismet Enable or disable Akismet service for filtering spam in comments. Enabling Akismet displays a place where you can enter your Akismet API key.