Configuring Structured Outcomes

The Structured Outcomes feature lets users mark top-level content items, as well as comments and replies, as Final, Official, Outdated, and so on. You can select which marking options community users will see, or disable them altogether. You can also limit this feature to specific users or a group of users.

To limit this feature to specific users, you'll need to assign them the Mark Outcomes permission. Be sure to read Limiting Structured Outcomes to Specific Users for more information.
Note: Helpful and Correct Answers are not part of the code base of the Structured Outcomes feature.
  1. In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > Structured Outcomes.
  2. From here, you can enable and configure Structured Outcomes, or disable them altogether:
    Option Description
    Enable and configure To select which badges users will see, make sure that Structured Outcomes are Enabled, and then select the badges that will display to users (Final, Official, Outdated, and so on).
    Disable To disable this feature, click Disabled. Note that if Structured Outcomes were previously enabled and used in the community, users will still see the previously marked Outcomes badges on content items; but users will not be able to mark any content items from this point forward.
  3. Click Save.