Configuring User Search

You can use the Admin Console to adjust user search performance and change the user experience.

Fastpath: Admin Console > System > Settings > Search > User Search
Note: Jive includes Search Tips documentation that people can use to make the most of their searches. You can reach the tips from a search page.

User Search Status

You can enable searching for user information, or turn user searching off. Click Update to save a status setting.

Search Settings

The settings you make on the Search Settings tab are designed to adjust how people experience search, although some settings impact performance.

Setting Description
Automatically index user changes Set to "Yes" to have content added to the search index as soon as it's published, rather than waiting for the next index update time.
User index update time How often the index is updated.

Index Tasks

Rebuilding an index manually can be very time-consuming. You should only manually rebuild if you really have to, for example, if you modify the stop word list, add or remove a synonym or the search index becomes corrupted. Initiate a user index rebuild to add new user information to the index without rebuilding the index.
Note: If your instance is installed in a cluster environment, there are special instructions for manually rebuilding the search index.

Stop Words and Synonyms

You can improve searches for people using your community by tailoring the stop words and synonym lists to best suit your needs. For example, if you realize that people will search using slang common to your industry, you could add synonyms that associate a commonly used term with slang alternatives. A software industry example could be "programmer,developer".

To add synonyms, enter a pair of words separated by a comma in the Synonyms box, then click Add Synonym.