Content Search Service Status

You can use the Content Search service status to track the successes and failures of calls to the different services for search.

Fastpath: Admin Console > System > Settings > Search > Content Search
Activity Ingress
Jive uses this service to send activity data to the search system. Search uses this service to receive everything that has been indexed. For example, content creation, updates to content, user creation, user updates, place creation, updates to places, likes and comments all get posted to the activity ingress and get indexed. Failures to this service mean that events will queue up on the web app node waiting to be pushed into search.
Jive uses this service to execute search queries. The Query service enables Jive to access the content that has been indexed. For example, Jive uses this service when you use spotlight search on the Search page, when you select content under the "Show more like this" heading, when you use the user picker, and when you use most fields that auto-suggest searches as you type. Failures to this service means searches will fail.
Tenancy and Directory
These services always use the same host and port. If they use localhost, they are referring to the host and port that you configured for On-Premise search. This service is the entry point into search and tells Jive where to go for all the other services, and it assigns a tenant ID to the Jive instance so it can be uniquely identified by all search services.
Failures to these services mean search is not working. If you are using On-Premise search, make sure the Search node is up and running, and that you can telnet from the Web App node to the On-Premise Search node at the configured port. If you are using Cloud search, make sure your firewall is setup properly. If your firewall has been setup properly, then gather your logs and contact Support. For more on ports, see List of Required Ports and Domains.