Configuring Search Synonyms

You can configure the search feature to recognize synonyms for improved search results.

The synonym search feature improves search results by allowing you to create lists of synonyms. For example, you might want a search for "big" to return results for "large", and vice versa. Or, if your users search using terms specific to your industry, you might want to set up a synonym that associates commonly used terms, such as "mobile" and "phone".

You can also set up synonyms for the names of users. For example, you might want to set up "James,Jim,Jimmy" or "Susan, Suzy, Susie".

Synonyms are language-specific. If you have multiple languages enabled, you need to enable them per language.

Note that by default, new synonyms work only on new content. If you want to apply new synonyms to preexisting content, you need to rebuild the Content Search index, which takes significant time and can affect system resources. For more information, see Search Index Rebuilding.

To set up search synonyms:

  1. Go to Admin Console > System > Settings > Search > Content/User Search > Synonyms.
  2. Type in a comma-separated list of synonyms.
  3. Click Add Synonyms.
  4. Rebuild the content/user search index.