Creating A New Space from the Admin Console

Creating several spaces quickly is easy from the Admin Console. You can apply place templates to them later from the user interface.

Fastpath: Admin Console > Spaces > Management > Summary
  1. To create a new space, click the name of the space that will contain it, then click New.
  2. Enter the space name to appear in the user interface.
  3. Enter a description to appear in the user interface, such as a brief description of what the space is for.
  4. For Space Display Name, enter the text that will be used in URLs that access the space.
  5. Under Permissions, choose a default access scheme. Each of the options represents a set of permissions that you can also edit later.
  6. Under Types of Content, select the content types you want the space to support.
  7. Click Create.
For information about using place templates, be sure to read Using Place Templates.