Deleting and Deactivating a User Account

You can deactivate or delete a user account when you want to remove the person's presence from the community.

Note: An administrator can also ban someone from being able to access to the community. For more information, see Banning People.

Deactivating a user account removes their access but keeps their content in the system. When you deactivate someone's account, Jive will replace their former avatar with a blank avatar; the word "Deactivated" will appear on their profile. The person will no longer be able to log in or receive notifications, but their content will remain viewable in the application.

Deleting a person's user account also deletes the community content they've contributed. This is a permanent action that, depending on the user's amount of activity, can have an impact on content throughout the community. If you're not sure whether you want to delete the account, consider banning or deactivating the user instead.

When you delete a user account, you begin the deletion by clicking the link. However, the actual deletion might take a few minutes to finish, depending on how much content is associated with the account.
Deleting someone's account is permanent. You'll be deleting everything about the user's presence in the system. This includes in some cases content that was created by other people (such as replies to the deleted user's posts). Be sure to read the warnings on the Delete User page!

To delete or deactivate a user account:

  1. Go to People > Management > User Search .
  2. Find the user account you want to delete in the list and click the Delete or Deactivate button.