eDiscovery Search

You can search community content for specific users and export content as XML if it's needed for legal reasons or internal investigations. This is an optional, add-on feature. Contact your Jive representative for more information.

Note: Because it requires access to private and secret content, you need to be a full access admin to use this feature. Community managers of Jive Cloud communities can request special access through Jive Support.
Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Management > eDiscovery Search

If you need to extract content records for specific users during a time period, for example if you need this information for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, you can use the eDiscovery Search feature to export current records of content a user interacted with during the selected dates. This information includes content the user has created, edited, replied to, or commented on within a specific date range. You can optionally search for interactions containing a key word or phrase. The content, along with any replies and comments associated with the content, is extracted in the form of XML documents, which contain the text component of the interactions, and binary files containing images or attachments. This information is delivered in a ZIP file.

Content returned by eDiscovery Search includes documents, discussions, blog posts, videos, polls, ideas, project tasks, status updates, and direct messages. It does not include any content the user has shared or bookmarked. This tool has access to all data in the instance, and is not restricted by content permissions while searching, so private user data may be exposed in the archive.

By default, search results are available for download for 7 days. You can reset this period by setting the ediscovery.expirationPeriod system property to a different number of days.

eDiscovery Search does not have access to any information that has been deleted from the community. It extracts only content, replies, and comments that exist in the community at the time of the search, including private and secret content. In the same way, a document will be extracted in the version existing at the time of the search. If a user deletes a comment or modifies a document while the search is running, and the comment or document has not been retrieved by the search yet, the deleted or changed information will not be extracted. Earlier versions of content are not returned by the search, even if they contain the search term.

To retrieve content through eDiscovery Search:

  1. Start typing a user's name or click Select People to choose from the list. You can only search one user at a time.
  2. In the Search Criteria field, type a single word or a phrase to search for. A phrase will be searched as entered. For example, searching stock options returns only content references where those words occur together in that order.
  3. Select a start date and an end date. The search always begins at midnight on the start date and ends at 11:59:59 on the end date. You can't schedule a search for a day that is later than the current day. You cannot extract more than one year of data at a time. If you need to extract more than a year of data, you will need to run multiple searches spanning one year or less.
  4. Wait for your search to complete: this may take a long time depending on how much data you are searching. You can only run one search at a time.