Enabling Unified Communications

If you want your users to be able to connect to Jabber, WebEx, or Google Hangouts right inside the Jive interface by clicking through from hover cards or other locations where they want to invite collaboration, you can set up connectors for these applications in your community using the Add-Ons and Apps functionality.

Jive Connector for WebEx
Lets your users easily create online meetings with groups of people in the community, as well as people outside of it.
Jive Connectors for Jabber and Lync
Lets your users communicate with people in the community using voice or chat via the Jabber or Lync client. Contact points are associated with hover cards.
Jive Connector for Hangouts
This add-on allows access to phone calls and video chats directly from your Jive community using Google Hangouts.
Jive Identity Connector
This add-on syncs user profile information between your Jive-n instance and its associated Jive-w mobile apps (Jive Circle and/or Jive Chime).