Enabling the Jive Connector for Hangouts

The Jive Connector for Hangouts add-on allows access to phone calls and video chats directly from your Jive community using Google Hangouts.

To get set up:
  1. Make sure your community meets the requirements.
    Note: If you use Google for Work, you may have to enable Hangouts.
  2. In Jive, click the menu under your name or avatar and select Add-ons.
  3. Select the Available tab.
  4. Next to Jive Connector for Hangouts, click Install.
  5. Note: If you want to test this add-on before making it available to your entire community, select This service is visible only to me.
    Click Install.
    Successfully installed "Jive Connector for Hangouts" will appear once the add-on has installed.
  6. In the top navigation of Jive, click Apps and select Jive Connector for Hangouts.
  7. Select the user profile fields that Jive Connector for Hangouts should map to for phone number and email address.
    The add-on requires a community user's phone number to make phone calls and email to start video chats. The image below shows the defaults.

    Hangouts System Preferences
    Attention: If your community does not populate phone and email fields from a directory server, your users will need to enter that information themselves by clicking their avatar, selecting Edit Profile > Your Profile, and entering their phone number and email.
  8. Click Save.
Your community users can now use Google Hangouts to make phone calls and video chats with your Jive community.
Note: You can restrict access to Hangouts to specific user groups.