Enabling the Lync/Skype for Business Connector

To set up an integration between Lync and your Jive site, you'll need to install the Jive Connector for Lync add-on from the Available tab in the Add-ons interface.

This Lync integration allows one-click access to voice talk and chat using Lync as the client. To set up the integration, you'll need community manager rights in your community. This enables you to install the add-on and configure the profile fields associated with the app. If your community uses SAML SSO or a directory server for user provisioning, you may also need access to your directory server or IdP to ensure the correct profile fields in Jive are populated.

The following reference table shows which buttons and contact methods each profile field enables. If you need to, you can remap these methods to a different profile field using the app configuration described in Step 6.

Button Contact Method Default Profile Field
Lync calling Email address
Lync chat Email address
Phone system calling Phone Number
To get set up:
  1. Make sure your community meets the requirements.
  2. In your community's profile settings, make sure you define the user's email address. This field is typically populated by your directory server or IdP using the mail attribute.
  3. In Jive, click the menu under your name or avatar and select Add-ons.
  4. Make sure the Available tab is selected.
  5. Click the gear icon next to Jive Connector for Lync and click Install.
    The add-on will be installed.
  6. Click the Jive Lync app in your Apps menu, and in the System Preferences tab, provide the field names in the Jive profile that the integration will use to find the phone number and/or email address for each user. The image below shows the default values.

    The phone field is typically named Phone Number, although you can also map this setting to a mobile number. (If you only want to enable Lync calling, leave the Phone Number mapping blank.) You can confirm the field name information by opening the Jive admin console and clicking People > Settings > Profile Settings. Enter the field names into the app configuration screen exactly as they appear in the Profile Settings dialog. (Note that a translation of the field name may be displayed in the profile, but the profile settings will show the actual field name.)

    Users who don't have this information populated in the fields you identified will not be able to connect using the Lync integration, and users who are using Lync in Jive will not see the buttons they need to connect to these users, either on their profiles or on the hover card. If your community is not already populating these fields from a directory server, and you have made these fields editable on the profile, you can get users to provide the information themselves by clicking Edit Profile under their name or avatar.