Using Expandable Sections

The Expandable Sections tile lets you create a collapsible list of content links inside a tile on a Place page, an Activity page, or your Your View page.

Using the Expandable Sections tile, you can organize content from around the community in an annotated list with headings. Your presentation of linked content will be displayed inside the tile. (Website developers sometimes call this presentation an "accordion.") Expandable Sections can include any content you can see, so you can include content in private or secret groups. (This makes the tile more useful in Your View.) Keep in mind that people who don't have access to the linked content won't see the links. They also won't see any sections that only contain links to content they can't see.

Removing Content

You can remove an item by editing the tile, but deleting the content will also remove the content page from the tile. If you delete all the content items in a section of a content set, the section will also be removed.

Content Sets or Expandable Sections?

When you configure them, the Content Sets tile looks very similar to the Expandable Sections navigation tile, which also shows a collapsible view of content links with descriptions and section headings. However, the Content Sets tile is designed as a portal for reading a group of linked items in sequence, while Expanded Sections presents an organized set of quick links from around the community. The two tiles have the following important differences:
  Content Sets Expandable Sections
Content Source Only content posted in the Place where the tile is. Anywhere in the community, including personal or private content.
Navigation Move from page to page in the set without leaving the content group or returning to the tile page. One-way click-through from the tile page to each page in the set.
Location(s) Custom pages and Activity pages. Your View, custom pages, and Activity pages.