Google Drive Permissions Setup

To ensure Jive can share permissions with Google Drive, you need to enable administrative APIs and set up specific permission groups on the Google side.

To apply space permissions correctly, make sure you have the following administrative setup in Google Apps. (Individual Google Drive accounts are not supported.)

  1. In the Google Apps Control Panel, enable the Administrative APIs. You can find instructions in the Google documentation here.
  2. Add two new groups in Google Apps: AllRegistered and Everyone. These groups are mapped to user permission groups in Jive that have the same names, allowing both sides of the integration to share the same users.
  3. Add the Google users who will use the integration to both groups.
    If you use Active Directory to manage and permission groups on both the Jive side and the Google side, permission groups will be mapped and maintained automatically using Active Directory synchronization. If you don't use Active Directory to manage permission groups, setting up the integration in Jive will create user permission groups on the Google side to match those on the Jive side that are applied to spaces.