HA Search Setup Overview

When you set up the Jive platform for on-premise HA search, you will perform several steps in a specific sequence.

Note: As of Jive 7.0, the search index rebuild process has been improved so that you no longer have to rebuild the search index on one node and then copy it to all of the other search nodes. In versions 7.0+, the ingress replicators automatically send rebuild traffic to all search nodes. Because of this change, all of the search nodes must be available before starting a search rebuild. This ensures that the search index on the search service nodes are always consistent.
In the following topics we will walk you through an example of an HA search configuration setup that uses the following ports and hosts. Your configuration may vary depending on your requirements.
Step What You're Installing Required or Optional Install Instructions
1 -- Required Understand the supported HA search configurations.
2 -- Required Determine how many nodes you'll need in your HA search configuration. Typically, this will include two search nodes and two ingress replicators, but you may have more of each, depending on your requirements.
3 Application RPM Required Install the Jive Linux package on each node of your HA search configuration (the search servers and the ingress replicator servers).
4 Search servers Required Add another search server to your configuration.
5 Ingress replicators Required Add another ingress replicator server to your configuration.
6 HA search proxy Required Add an HA proxy to your configuration.
7 -- Required Include a json services file on each search server in the configuration.