Required Nodes for an On-Premise HA Search Service

To configure your on-premise search nodes for HA, you'll need to split the search service from the ingress replicator so that each service can be made redundant. You will need a load balancer to direct traffic to each set of services. In this example, we describe four nodes: two for ingress and two for search. Your configuration may vary depending on your requirements.

It is okay to run an ingress replicator service on the same host as the search service.

Table 1. On-Premise HA Search Configuration Node Requirements
Search Component Nodes Required Description
Ingress replicator 2 separate nodes The ingress replicators journal everything to disk to guarantee all ingressed activities (e.g., new content or content updates) will be delivered to a search node at least once.
Search service 2 separate nodes The search nodes handle incoming search queries and return search results. You can see a diagram of how this works here.